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OTS Carpet Care provides amazing carpet cleaning results everyday, but we also clean upholstery, tile & grout, mattresses, RV’s and boats. The majority of our business comes repeat clients and current customer referrals. Intentionally I schedule just a few appointments per day so I can take time to include additional cleaning steps that other carpet cleaners ignore. As Owner/Operator I do all the cleaning, there are no subs or employees to worry about at OTS Carpet care. I am 100% concerned with your total satisfaction thus the results are amazing! Call toll free today 888-456-0475.

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OTS Carpet Care is quickly becoming a home town favorite for carpet cleaning in Batesville, Indiana. Home owners and business owners alike are impressed with the superior steam cleaning is the results we provide. Extra cleaning steps built into our carpet cleaning process insure amazing results. We allow extra time on every job, providing you with the very best carpet cleaning result -you’ve ever seen. Our cleaning products are pet and child friendly, adequate dwell times allow to these specially designed pre-sprays to loosen soil deposits making it easier to remove them from carpet fibers. OTS Carpet Care uses modern powered or mechanical wands which agitate soils detaching them from deep within carpet pile. These wands are far superior to the old manual wands used by most carpet cleaners. Cleaning with hundreds of strokes per area with a rotating action that leaves carpets cleaner and dryer, 95% of our carpet cleaning jobs are done using these awesome powered wands. The old manual wand stays in our truck most all of the time. The majority of our competitors don’t even own mechanical wands because they are expensive. If and when they do use a mechanical wand they’re likely to charge extra, but they all agree powered wands out clean obsolete manual wands, they simply do a better job regarding carpet cleaning. OTS uses state of the art equipment including our custom made truck mounted systems. Our truck-mounts deep clean carpets at the perfect temperatures and with proper high line pressure. The system we use does an amazing job on upholstery too! The next time you’re having your carpets cleaned or you’re looking at dirty tile & grout that needs cleaned and sealed. Before you buy new carpeting because you think “it’s just too dirty” to get clean. Call OTS Carpet Care toll free 888-456-0475, you be glad you did.